Payments may be made by cash, Visa, Master Card, or money order.  Check privileges may be extended to persons with proper identification (including driver's license, pistol permit, and telephone information).
Cash Visa Mastercard Money Order Check
We do not/will not sell or give your name, address, or telephone number to anyone other than state and federal authorities that are involved with the sale, transfer, and purchase of firearms and ammunition!
30 Day Layaway
We have all been caught short of cash when a super deal presents itself.  We offer a 30 day layaway on all merchandise. However, if the merchandise is not picked up and paid for within 30 days, a 2% per month service charge will be added to the bill.  After 90 days, if the merchandise still is not picked up and paid for, all money on deposit will be forfeited and the merchandise will be returned to stock.
New Pistol Permit Applicannt
All handguns sold to new permit applicants must be paid for, in full, at the time of purchase.  In the event that your permit is not granted, you must bring in the original copy of your letter of rejection for a full refund.
Special Orders
Please visit our Services page for information about special orders.
Defective Merchandise
All claims and returned merchandise must be accompanied by the original receipt.  Refund, credit, and/or adjustments will be made at our discretion.  Warranty Service will incur Shipping and Insurance charges.
Completed Repairs or Service
Our goal is to return your gun to you as quickly as possible.  When service is completed, we will call you or send a statement to you.  Completed repairs left after 30 days will have a service charge added to the bill.  Service charges are 2% of the unpaid balance for every month or part of a month (after the initial 30 days) that a bill is not paid in full.